Monday, August 4, 2014

How to use Voting Buttons in an email

Do you need to collect a Yes or No response regarding an event or certain topic?  You can use the VOTING BUTTON feature in Outlook to collect this information.

For this example, we will be posing a question.  The question is "Should we add a vending machine to the break room?"

Follow these steps:
  • Open up a new email
  • In SUBJECT, type the question you want to ask.  We will type the question posed above.
  • Choose the recipients for the email
  • Select the OPTIONS tab
  • Locate the USE VOTING BUTTONS icon
  • Use pull-down arrow to choose from these options: ACCEPT;REJECT, YES;NO,YES;NO;MAYBE
In the body of the email, type these instructions:
Voting Buttons do not work on your iPhone, iPad, or DROID
Respond only from your Outlook Inbox
Open up the email
Locate the VOTE icon in the RESPOND section of the menu ribbon
Use the pull-down arrow and choose your response - YES or NO
  • Choose SEND
At DJC we teach you how to create folders to hold information until you are ready to review.
  • Create a folder to hold these responses
  • As emails are received, move them to the folder
  • When you are ready to review all of the answers, it will be easy to go back & sort by SUBJECT to see the results of the voting.

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