Monday, April 21, 2014

Translate an email written in another language

It is possible to translate an email written in another language to English. You could also translate an email from English to another language if you needed to send it to another country.  The feature called Translate will allow you do this is in Outlook 2010 & 2013.

If you would like to practice this, copy & paste this phrase written in French into an email:    Libérez votre potentiel pour gérer l'information, le temps et la technologie!  You will need to forward the email to yourself and then follow these steps

Ø  Open the email and highlight the phrase or words written in another language. 

Ø  Click on the TRANSLATE icon in the MESSAGE tab (2013 users will need to choose the REVIEW tab)


Ø  Under CHOOSE ITEM TRANSLATION LANGUAGES, use pull-down arrow under TRANSLATE FROM to choose language (in this example French)

Ø  In TRANSLATE TO, use pull-down arrow and choose English (US)

Ø  Select OK

Ø  Now the languages are set, click on the TRANSLATE icon again in the MESSAGE tab


Ø  A message will appear that Word is about to send the document for translation over the Internet, select SEND

Ø  The translation will appear in Microsoft’s Translator Help webpage.  In English, the phrase is our tagline “Release (Unleash) your Potential to Manage Information, Time, and Technology!”

There are many languages to choose from and you can easily change them as needed. This feature is also available in Word under the REVIEW tab.