Friday, August 28, 2015

Delegate a task using Assign Task Feature

Use this feature to efficiently delegate tasks!

Ø  In TASKS, select NEW TASK icon

Ø  In SUBJECT, type your request and be sure to include the due date

Ø  Select the ASSIGN TASK icon in the MENU RIBBON

Ø  Choose TO and select the recipient

Ø  Note:  You can assign task to multiple people, but you will lose the tracking ability.

Ø  In the body of the task you can add more detail or attach documents/emails using the INSERT tab

Ø  Select SEND

This task will show your list with and ASSIGN TASK icon.  You will not be able to change or update after you give this task away.

The recipient will receive an invitation to ACCEPT or DECLINE this task.   Once it is accepted, any changes or updates will be sent to you via email.  

Important!  Only use this for people who use their Outlook Tasks Feature.