Friday, October 5, 2012

Change the subject of an email

I started receiving emails that had the same subject, but were actually about different clients.  To simplify retrieval, I highlighted the email subject and typed the name of the client.  When I need to find this email, it is much simpler!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Outlook Task's Feature

One tool that I highly recommend is Outlook's task list.  Having one place to record all of my tasks helps me make sure I do not forget deadlines or follow-up.   I would encourage you to learn how to use Outlook's task feature.   Here are my favorite tips:

1.  Drag and drop and email from the Inbox to TASKS!  A copy of the email will be in the notes section.  Just add a good subject and in the due date field use the pull-down arrow to access the calendar to set a date to work on the task.

2.  If I look at my list and I know I will not get all of my tasks completed that day, I pick three and make them a high priority.  At the end of the day, I feel like I accomplished the most important tasks.  The other tasks get a new date.

3.  Reminders are set for really important deadlines.  I do not use a reminder on all of my tasks so when I set one, I pay attention to it. 

If you need help setting up or using Outlook's task list, consider a virtual coaching session with DJC.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps

Most of my tasks actually begin as emails in my Inbox.  Normally I add these emails to my task list by using "Move to Folder".  Outlook 2010 has given me another option.  There is a new feature called "Quick Steps" and you have the ability to customize a step to meet your needs.  I recently created a step called "Create a task".

Locate the Quick Steps in the main ribbon.
  • Use the pull down arrow to find MANAGE QUICK STEPS
  • Select NEW and then CUSTOM
  • In NAME,  I typed "Create a task "
  • In CHOOSE ACTION, scroll until you see CATEGORIES, TASKS, and FLAGS
  • Select FINISH and then OK
Now when an email arrives that needs to be added to my task list, I  highlight it and choose my new quick step.  If you find yourself repeating the same action over and over again, such as filing an email into a certain folder, be sure to take a look at Quick Steps.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Read Receipts on emails

Have you gotten an email that has a "read receipt" request?  You can manage how Outlook handles these requests.

Outlook 2010
- Select the File tab, then Options
- Choose Mail
- Scoll down to Tracking
- To set tracking options for any message received that includes a read receipt request:
- Choose from Allow, Never, or Ask
- Click OK

Outook 2007
- Select Tools, then Options
- Go to Preferences tab
- Click E-mail Options
- Choose Tracking Options
- Under "Use this Option" you can select "Never send a response"
- Click OK