Tuesday, August 23, 2011

iPhone - Battery Life

I just upgraded to an iPhone and I noticed that my battery had to be charged almost every day.  My old phone could last up to a week without a charge.  I went searching for ways to prolong my battery life.  The two most important:

Turn off the Wi-Fi
  • Choose Settings, Wi-Fi and then off
Turn all apps off
  • Double tap the menu button
  • All open apps will appear
  • Press an app and you will see a "minus" sign in the top left hand corner
  • I turned off all apps except for my phone

My battery is now lasting much longer!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Changing the font color of a hyperlink in PowerPoint

Today I was creating a new PowerPoint and  typed our website address.  The color of the font was too dark to be seen!  You can easily change the color of any hyperlink by following these steps.
  • Select the DESIGN tab
  • Use the pull down arrow next to COLORS
  • Use the pull down arrow to see all the colors available
  • Choose a new color
  • Select SAVE
The hyperlink will now show with a new color!

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